Активистот Ниал Готлиеб, по успешното искачување на највисокиот врв во Уганда, висок 5109 метри, го поставил знамето во виножито бои како знак на протест за анги-геј законите во државата.

Фотографијата со знамето ја поставил на Фејсбук заедно со отворено писмо до претседателот на Уганда повикувајќи го самиот да го симне од врвот.

Во продолжение писмото во целст.

“Your country’s highest point is no longer its soil, its snow or a summit marker, but rather a gay pride flag waving brilliantly, shining down from above as a sign of protest and hope behalf of the many thousands of Ugandans that you seek to repress and the many more that understand the hideous nature of your repressive legislation.

“If you don’t like said flag on your highest peak, I urge you to climb up and take it down.

“However, you are an old man and surely the 6-day climb through the steep muddy bogs and up the mountain’s glaciers is well beyond your physical ability. Your days are more limited than most.

“Do you want your remaining days to be yet another blight on the history of your nation or will you find the strength to reverse your actions and allow all Ugandans to be free?”